As we undertake inspection and verification services, we also strive to deliver/impart good standard practices to our customers aimed at ensuring business benefits. Such related practices include: -

  • Improved safety of the premises where inspections are undertaken
  • Improved storage facilities and conditions
  • Reduced product risks resulting from independent and impartial observation and suggestions that help in identification and management of inherent risks.
  • Encouragement to implement processes and systems that make business operations faster, simpler and more efficient.

This approach ensures finding solutions and addressing growing challenges in areas related to product quality. 


 The scope of our conformity assessment services covers the inspection and verification of the quality of consumer products. These include electrical/electronic domestic appliances, electrical fittings, mechanical products covering automotive parts, furniture and hardware, civil and construction products, chemical products, food products, Textiles – fabrics & garments, shoes and toys etc.


Product verification and testing

In our determination of product quality, PVQS also facilitates product testing. When such testing is necessary, products are tested only in laboratories complying with ISO/IEC 17025. The said inspection and verification services are offered and applied by a team of competent and experienced personnel, many of whom have a wealth of experience in conformity assessment processes having been former employees of National Standards bodies, which operate conformity assessment programmes. These staff are quite familiar with especially the Pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC).